Boulder Creek Stone Products: The ROI of Manufactured Stone
  • Posted November 12, 2020

ROI For Homebuilders

Ever since the economic slowdown from COVID-19 the American housing market has become leaner than ever. If you’re one of the many homeowners who’s decided on remodeling your home, rather than moving, you’re in for some good news.

Expensive and grand-scale renovations like full kitchen or bathroom remodels are taking a back seat to more simple, less expensive projects  –  especially those which demand less labor and are easy to accomplish. Since this shift, stone and brick veneer has been skyrocketing as today’s hot project.

Homeowners who are adding stone and brick veneer to their homes are finding a much higher return on their investment, with some reporting a 97% return in value. Not only does adding stone and brick veneer strengthen and beautify your home, but it’s a sound investment.

Beautiful Designs,
With Big Returns

Bavarian Castle

Large square-shaped pieces with gently weathered edges casts a unique, medieval appearance..

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Montana Ledge

A classic masoned stone profile with rugged, sharp angles, bold tones and distinct wear.

Italian Fieldstone

Featuring old-world Italian charm, the new Italian Fieldstone is romantic and rustic. The perfect fit.

Beautiful & Strong