Look and Feel of Natural Stone Veneer

Our manufactured stone veneers are expertly engineered to look and feel just like natural stone. Through meticulous attention to detail, we’ve created a look so natural it could fool mother nature. Explore our unique stone profiles featuring a vast range of textures, color options and architectural styles, all perfectly designed to emulate the natural stones from which their inspiration is derived. Explore our gallery.

Unique Stone Profiles

Bluff Stone
An irregular ledgestone, roughhewn
and informal with varying heights.
A linear profile composed of horizontal gray and
sand tones, quietly accented with hints
of burgundy.
Country Ledge
With varying heights, this ledgestone,
roughhewn profile conveys a distinct feeling
of nostalgia.
Eastern Fieldstone
A natural, irregular, full-faced stone profile with
a variety of authentic sizes, shapes, textures
and colors.
An elegant, easy to install groutless
pattern that creates a clean
textured facade.
Long Island Stak
A groutless, thin stone facing pattern
consisting of a variety of deep and luxurious
brown tones.
Montana Ledge
The rugged, sharp angles and distinct wear is
illustrated brilliantly in this classic gray
stone profile.
Mountain Blend
The combination of horizontal ledge stones and
large fieldstones provide an old-world
quality and feel.
Ohio Rubble
A grand, stately profile consisting
of large chiseled stone that simulates a
castle-like exterior.
Prairie Bluff
A natural, rectangular stone look with a
moderately textured appearance. With an option
to drystack.
River Rock
The definition of a classic river rock profile, it
features semi-rounded, tumbled stone in a variety
of shapes and sizes.
This linear design uses soft, rectangular shaped
chiseled stone to beautifully replicate the
quarried look and texture.
Southeastern Ledgestone
A variety of shapes with weathered edges,
natural hues and striations create a uniquely
interesting surface.
Two revealing colorful veins give the authentic
appearance of stones split in two, producing an
eclectic array of tone and texture.
Venetian Cobble
Large, bold pieces with sawn angled edges and a
slightly uniformed rectangular shape, with a
worn time-tested hue.
The authentic stratification appearance of
centuries old stone adds visual interest to
any exterior.
Western Ledge Stak®
A groutless pattern providing unmatched
depth and an unmistakable rough and
rugged feel.