Thin Brick

Any project can be turned into a rustic masterpiece when it’s enhanced with the captivating look and feel of our thin brick veneers. Make a statement in the neighborhood or add a little extra charm to the interior with our wide variety of sizes, textures and colors. Our products, our thin brick veneers are virtually indistinguishable from traditional brick and are engineered for quick and easy installation. View our project gallery.


Textures and Colors of Brick Vineer

Capturing the appearance of old style,
hand-crafted brick, this unique profile evokes a
sense of nostalgia.
Estate Brick
A fairly flat appearance with a
rough and bumpy texture on
the surface.
New Brick
The distinctive and classic appearance of new brick is
perfectly replicated without pockmarks or
irregular shapes.
This hybrid of stone and brick veneer features
irregular shapes and jagged edges, creating
a one-of-a-kind look and texture.
With its visual divots and pockmarks, this classic
profile captures the timeless look, feel and
texture of brick design.
Used Brick
An elegant, easy-to-install, groutless pattern
featuring the clean and textured appearance
of reclaimed brick.